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* Actions we take around Covid -19

  • The Public Health Agency considers that: "Physical activity is good for public health. Sports, exercise and other leisure activities should therefore continue if measures are taken to minimize the risk of infection."
  • To minimize the risk of infection, the Dance and movement course at 10.30 on Mondays will be at Galathea's pasture in Pildammsparken throughout the springtime. (Baltiskavägen, by the Strykjärn sculpture)
  • The maximum number of participants for the courses in the dance room at Swopshop is 8 people. There are markings on the floor in the room to make it easier to see the 2 meter distance that we have to keep.
  • If you plan to drop in during the semester, you must check with Paulina during the day if there are places left in the lessons.
  • Do not attend to classes at the slightest symptom.
  • If possible change to exercise cloths at home so that we can avoid crowds outside the dance hall and in the changing room.
  • Bring your own water bottle, you should definitely not drink from someone else's bottle!
  • Wash your hands when you arrive and use rubbing alcohol (we have in the dance room and it must be taken again when we start dancing at the bar during the ballet lessons).


Welcome to my dance courses in Malmö, Sweden!

At Swopshop, located in Stora Nygatan 27a and Pildammsparken.

Dance courses in Bellydance, Dance and movement for seniors!

"If you have a body you can dance!"
A dancing body is a free body, for this reason I would like to invite you to e
mpower and energise yourself through dance!


Dance and movement 55+

Mondays 10.30-11.30 12 weeks course from March 7th till May 30th (No class on April 18th).
Open Level
Price                     800 kr
Drop in for class  100kr

To minimize the risk of infection, the Dance and movement course at 10.30 on Mondays will be at Galathea's pasture in Pildammsparken throughout the spring term. (Baltiskavägen, by the Strykjärn sculpture)

This course is for all those who enjoy dancing and are 55 years old or older!
Dance is an amazing medicine for body, mind and soul. Studies show that dance is even the best way of slowing down and counteracting age-related problems such as dementia.

Maintain your body and soul young through dance!
During the semester we will practice our coordination, balance, flexibility and strength at the same time as we enjoy dancing to music from different parts of the world. Fill your body with nice energy, learn something new and exercise in group. The lessons will finish with some stretching in order to relax our muscles.


Oriental Bellydance for begginers

Thursdays 18.30 - 19.30 12 weeks course from March 3th till May 26th (No class on April 14th).

Price                     900 kr
Drop in for class  120kr

* Read above the Covid-19 restrictions we must follow during the semester.

Europeans named “Belly dance” the peculiar dance style they saw in the streets of Egypt for more than 200 years ago. It is said that this dance tradition has its origins in ancient fertility rituals mainly practiced by women in The Middles East and Northern Africa. The last 100 years, this dance style has interested people all over the world and therefore has developed widely.

Get to know your body to the alluring rhythms of Oriental music. Exercise muscles that you perhaps didn’t even know that you had and improve your coordination, strength and flexibility. Towards the end of the classes, we will learn an exciting choreography that we will be working on during the course. We have some show possibilities during the year for those who would like to take part in performances.

Registration for the courses is binding!

(You do not need to register here to drop in but you MUST report it to Paulina during the day of the class)

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