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Paulina offersdance courses, private classes and/or workshops in these styles;

Oriental Belly dance

Get to know your body to the rhythm of oriental music. Belly Dance is an elegant dance style in which you use your whole body, to interpret the beautiful music from Middle East. You build up balance, flexibility, coordination and strength, especially in the upper body, all this to soft and feminine movements. I can adapt the classes for all ages, from beginners to advance level.

Latin Mix

Shake and dance to the most popular Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton. Train your whole body, practice your coordination and have fun at the same time that you lose yourself in a happy energy! I can adapt the classes for all ages, from beginners to advance level.

Jazz dance

Jazz is one of the most popular dance styles in our society and today it is used in most of the choreographies we see on TV, movies or musicals. Usually my jazz classes consist of a technique and a choreography part. Choreographies can be in different styles as Feminine Burlesque jazz, Broadway jazz, modern jazz, etc. You can choose.
I can adapt the classes for all ages, from beginner to intermediate level.


I see ballet technique as the basic of all dance styles that I work with. When you practice ballet you strengthens your whole body, you develope your dance technique, balance, smoothness, body control and coordination.
The classes can be adapted for all ages from beginners to intermediate level.

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